Words evoke images and emotions based on the circumstances in which they are encountered. I thought about animating words, to represent the way they change through the fluid process of interpretation.

Printed words on a page are so static but in the mind words become organic. My animations are a basic way of showing visually how words transform in the mind.

I'm attempting to represent self talk, which is not a page of print but more a jumble of thoughts that become louder or softer, faster or slower and sometimes fade away to metamorphose and re-emerge later as something entirely different. Sometimes the same thought might throb insistently.

Through animation, word is transformed to image and image becomes word.

Macromedia software makes it possible for anyone with access to a computer to animate text and I wonder how this might change the nature of reading, thinking and presenting words. Obviously this will become a new form of advertising, but how about art?

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