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I am an independent analyst of sustainable travel, energy and global warming.

I am the founding Chair of Living Streets Canberra, Secretary of Climate Action Canberra, a member of the North Canberra Community Council and a musician. I am an invited member of the LibreOffice Help Team.

I have over 20 years of research and public sector experience in the Australian Greenhouse Office, the former Department of Primary Industries and Energy and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics, in the fields of global warming, sustainable travel, alternative fuels, energy conservation and renewable energy.

I have worked in the Energy Efficiency, Travel Demand Management and Alternative Fuels sections of the Australian Greenhouse Office, managed the staff bicycle fleet and represented the Department of the Environment and Heritage on the Australian Bicycle Council.

I have been Chair and Secretary of the North Canberra Community Council, a Board member of the Conservation Council ACT, Vice President and Executive Officer of Pedal Power ACT, manager of Pedal Power's Ride to Work and Pedal Pod Pilot programs, and the inaugural President of the ACT Branch of the International Solar Energy Society.

My formal qualifications are in science, environment and economics.

In my spare time I enjoy music, walking and cycling.

My YouTube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/user/leonarundell

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I am also a long-standing advocate of the right of Australian Public Service Employees to comply with their legal obligation to provide frank and honest advice. This resulted in the overturning of an illegal Public Service Commission policy in 2011.

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