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Leon Arundell is Canberra’s premier pipe and tabor player. In 2016 he was contracted by Fox Studios to coach Michael Fassbender and Tom O’Sullivan on the tabor-pipe, for the “ancient flute” sequences in Alien Covenant.

Leon Arundell and Richard Curtis of Perth are Australia's best-established taborers. Leon aims to become Australia's third-best taborer, and to this end gives pipe and tabor workshops at folk festivals.
He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays mediaeval, renaissance, morris, Australian and modern music on a range of instruments including pipe and tabor.

Leon currently plays pipe and tabor for Surly Griffin Morris.

You can see him playing pipe and bones for Molonglo Mayhem Border Morris, in the background on YouTube, and you can listen to his performances of some dance tunes in the MP3 column of his pipe and tabor music page. Please contact Leon if you would like a high quality recording of a specific dance tune.

As taborer and percussionist with Earthly Delights, he followed in the footsteps of percussion greats Guy Madigan (Sirocco) and Jon Jones (Cassidy's Ceilidh, Eric Bogle, Fred Smith, etc. etc.).

He has played pipe and tabor with the Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society's renaissance dance group, Earthly Delights, the Society for Creative Anachronism's dance group, Molonglo Mayhem Border Morris and the Ripper Rapper sword dancers.

Prior to taking up pipe and tabor he played penny whistle, guitar and percussion with Hobart's Collywobblers and Canberra's Ettamogah Philharmonic Orchestra bush bands.

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