Livy initial
  Detail: Initial. The Melbourne Livy (National Gallery of Victoria: MS Felton 411-4), folio 80), Paris, c.1399.


The Melbourne Manuscript Resource Unit is located at the Academic Centre, St Mary’s and Newman Colleges, The University of Melbourne. Its objective is to support teaching and research in Medieval and Renaissance (Early Modern) Manuscript Studies.

The associated Research Cluster for Manuscript Studies consists of senior scholars, middle and early career researchers, and postgraduate students, with related interests in the field of Manuscript Studies. It is interdisciplinary in scope, with an emphasis on the following areas: the relationship of text, decoration and illustration in the hand-made book; the function of particular manuscript genres; and the interaction between social and patronal contexts and manuscript production.

The Cluster is committed to the fostering of research in Manuscript Studies in Australia and New Zealand and to the strengthening of international links in this field, especially with respect to research on Australasian manuscript collections, and the provision of collaborative research opportunities for scholars and curators based in Australia and New Zealand.


The Academic Centre
St Mary’s and Newman Colleges The University of Melbourne

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